ell. o. vee. ee.

Though some call it corny and unrealistic, and I admittedly have been a hater myself, there is something about this Valentines Day that made me smile. It wasn’t particularly special, I didn’t recieve any outrageous gifts nor give any, there was nothing I wanted or expected. Instead I just smiled and enjoyed a day where people can celebrate love. I decided to dedicate this post to love, to people who embrace it, live it and love to love! Having bilingual troubles? Check out ‘I love you x 100’ – A fun little vid of people from all over the world saying ‘I love you’ in 100 different languages. The love story that has stuck with me the most is probably the legend of “Tristan and Isolde”, an old welsh court tale of a knight who falls hopelessly in love with his Kings betrothed. Interestingly enough I have found a book which is a modern day telling of this romance. Izzy

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