And the road disappeared into the sky

As always there comes a moment when poetry and words utterly fail to describe the beauty of vastness itself. Thankfully I had a camera. These images are from a roadtrip that I took with my Fiance and my family to my cousin’s wedding. I have experimented with a new film, lomo colour negative 100 iso film. A moment with Grandpa. The man with the porcelin dog – the opposite of ominous and perfect for my dear cousin Michael. I really enjoy the colours that this film brings out, its quite a cool tone, almost like a cyan filter. The grain is another element that I like, it evokes memory. I think because, like memories, it is slightly distorted. With clear, crisp digital prints there is a feeling of exactness and truth, but for me the graininess of film is what is closer to being truthful, for the mere fact that it shows the true nature of memory, that is distortion.

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