Pinhole camera fun

Last week I started my semester of experimental photography, starting where it all began, with pinhole photography! Here are a few images that I took with my hollowed out and pinhole-modded industrial vacuum cleaner. This is view from the top of the ANU Art School in Canberra. An attempt at a third person portrait alas the exposure was not long enough. Here is another three person portrait including, Matthew (left), myself (centre) and Luis(right). Interestingly the effect of the circular back on the camera caused the perspective to warp creating an also fisheyed effect and the panorama extends beyond what I’ve scanned in. The last two images were shot at exposures of roughly 5 mins. This is a) the result of having such a long focal length pinhole and b) late afternoon light. Hopefully I can improve the images that I create with these pinholes utilizing time of day more effectively or possibly widening the pinhole. I’ll be posting more

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