A Bright & Fiery Troop Part I


A typewriter stands in a museum, a disused armory from the old days when wars of the intellect were waged on the pages of letters. This relic stands as a reminder of the days when women wrote, with no right to vote, contributing to political discourse and social change. Female writers in 19th century Australia illustrated the freedom and independence that the act of writing can give and though legally denied a vote these women fought to have their voices heard.
In homage to these women, I have reenvisioned portraits of 5 pivotal female Australian writers; Stella Miles Franklin, Ethel Florence Richardson, Ethel Turner, Barbara Baynton, and Louisa Atkinson. I have recreated two portraits of each woman, one of their silhouette illustrating the enigmatic identity of an imagined author and the other re-creating their portraits in a traditional style. These portraits give due awareness to those women who dared to seek change and to express a thought of their own in public

Each image is taken on 4 x 5 Large format neg.

Miles Franklin, 2012
Miles Franklin
Louisa Atkinson, 2012
Louisa Atkinson
Henry Hendel Richardson, 2012
Henry Hendel Richardson
Barbara Baynton, 2012
Barbara Baynton
Ethel Turner, 2012
Ethel Turner

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