As we travel through amazing landscapes around the world it is almost impossible to resist capturing the stunning vistas through our cameras. Taking photographs seems to be the indisputable proof of our experiences that we trade on our social media feeds, with family, friends and strangers. We legitimise moments through the snap of a photograph; we prove that we were here, and play directly into the cultural market of virtual lives. We live others experiences through their instantaneous dissemination.


Niclas and Inka Lindergard’s work “The Belt of Venus and the Shadow of Earth” however is not capturing the world beyond the lens, rather it is about creating one that can only be experienced through a photograph itself. They use a more lo-fi approach; by utilising one camera body, lens and speed light they construct the work before and during the exposures, changing only a few light corrections in post. They create worlds with sculptures of driftwood, powder and sand illuminated mid-flight and capture the Belt of Venus* working its magic. In constructing these visions they create a work unseen by people until their work is printed.

inka-and-niclas-lindergard3 inka-and-niclas-lindergard2

Their experience of nature moves beyond mimicry and becomes an alternative reality. Impossible to travel to it, you cannot photograph it; you can only encounter the world when you come face to face with the photograph


*The Belt of Venus is an atmospheric phenomenon seen shortly before sunrise or shortly after sunset. The observer is, or is very nearly, surrounded by a pinkish glow that extends roughly 10-20 degrees above the horizon.

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