Le Bel Ete

Recently old inspiration images and videos have crept back into my mind as I begin making new work for the year. One such video I remembered very clearly and it was a piece that heavily inspired some of my video projects. Naturally it was one of the few pieces that I didn’t blog about, didn’t know the title of, forgot the artist and I have spent a good part of an hour trying to track it down. And I finally found it!

Below is the work of fashion designer Vanessa Bruno and director Stephanie Di Giusto in their collaborative work ” Le Bel Ete”.

I loved the play on time, reversing the footage to create strange and playful movements in the fabric. The three parts are perfectly driven by Lou Doillon’s attention to the energy and tone of each narrative, her range of expression matches perfectly with the pairings of music by composer Gonzales.

I am a person who loves books.

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