Remnant Review

After 10 days of showing my exhibition ‘Remnant’, Kon Kudo’s ‘Pop’ and Ellen Hewitt’s ‘The Death’s Maiden’, the three come to an end on the 29th of November. It has been a fantastic year and a massive thanks goes out to Photo-access in Manuka for the opportunity to work in their space and learn from their workshops and visiting artists. With their support we have been developing an independent studio practise and through that boost we have the momentum to continue making work. They are the best. And they let me have lots of tea and biscuits. Soon I’ll be putting up some documented photos of the pieces that are on show and I hope that some of you enjoy them. The pieces are for sale at $200 each so if you are interested shoot through a message. And in case you are interested, there is an insightful review by Peter Haynes of all the shows available here.

The Artist Talk
Rebecca Worth, Kon Kudo, Martyn Jolly, Ellen Hewitt. Three graduates and their former Lecturer.

Photos: Photoaccess’ Robert Agostino. Drilling and installation extrordinaire!

I am a person who loves books.

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