Dabbling in colour and Ink

This work first started 4 years ago, my first year of art school. We had a course called “Core studies” where we would move through a series of exercises designed to teach us how to see the world from different perspectives. We were taught not just to look at objects, but to see them, to translate them from a physical 3D space, to a canvas or sketching board. We were taught to let go of how we thought we saw things and learned to see how they are, their shapes, breaking them down into pieces, lines, texture, shadow and light. I never saw myself as a particularly good drawer or painter. I was scared of being seen as unable, or lacking in artist merit. But this course was not about attaining a level of seeing across the board. This was about personal growth, about our own experiences and creative journey, separate from everyone else’s.
It was from this environment that began experimenting with ink. I loved the way it flowed, almost wildly. It was different from charcoal, and when left sitting on a wet page – crept through the small but rough dips in the paper. I was always told that my eyes were a strange mix of grey, blue and green with little flecks of brown around the middle. I was also told that my eyes changed over time, sometimes grey, sometimes blue. Inspired by the range of colours in a human eye I began creating small circles of ink, none the same, unable to be repeated. Each one unique.
Now 4 years later I still love creating them, but this time, I’ve moved into different ranges of hues. Now inspired by colourscapes in nature

I am a person who loves books.

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