Flowers, I love them.

Spring is such a beautiful time of year, the lush, fertile landscape erupts in flowers and new leaves sweeping away the gloom of winter. One of my favourite things is seeing blossom trees right before they burst into bloom – the tiny buds, straining to open and when they do, its all in sync. Flowers hold a special place for me, I grew up surrounded by a large garden filled with roses, and snowdrops and daffodils, lovingly tended to by my mother. Perhaps it is this nostalgia that makes me love spring, or perhaps it is that a flower reminds me of the beauty of life, or perhaps it is a blatant symbol of natures sexuality, and its capacity and purpose to create and reproduce. Either way flowers are one of my favourite things. So here’s to flowers and how they make you feel, and help us appreciate our fleeting existence.

I am a person who loves books.

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