Work in progress – Life | Death Exhibition

As part of my work for the Life | Death exhibition I am creating images on colour negatives, scanning them and then degrading the film using chemical and organic acidic substances, interrupting the inherent preservation process of traditional photography.


Here is my current brain dump that is slowly on its way to being an artist statement:

“Photography’s tendancy to resolved action or stasis becomes problematic when compared with the visible gesture that can be seen in the work of the romantics, impressionists and abstract expressionists. The latency of the photograph and its historical priority as an indexical function, for fulfilling a faithfulness to the object within the image itself that is problematic when it comes to expressing notions of the transient and the ephemeral. These photographs are degraded, eaten away over time, and similarly reflect the process of beautiful decay that our own biological journeys share in this, the thing we call life.”

And because you sat through all that – below is a video of a negative in bleach! Enjoy! x


I am a person who loves books.

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