Graduation Semester Update

Firstly, by now you would have noticed that a few things have changed around here! As part of my progression to visual art graduate, I decided to update my website with work, blogs and a little more focus on my artwork and process. I hope you guys like it! Feedback is appreciated, though its still being tweaked.

Secondly, after a long absence, I’m back, in the blogging mindset and happy to share about whats been happening in my world. I can safely say that its been the hardest month and bit of my life. From around August 22nd shite royally hitteth the fan. So here it is, in brief, the highs and lows and the in betweens.

– Moved the Burrow to a hilltop in O’Connor surrounded by blossom trees and birds with a grove of lemon trees, sneaky tulips, outdoor spa, grapevine and a raised veggie garden.

– Waved goodbye to Braddon and the dodgy flats and left our old Burrow spick and span.

– My 100 year old Nana said goodbye to this world

– A dear friend left this world too early

– My skin exploded in eczema and I was bedridden for weeks

– Consequently my grad work has been delayed for a month.

– Have worked extremely hard in the past two weeks and am getting back on track with art works

– Went to Floriade flower festival with some beautiful friends and had the most wonderful time

– I wrote a typewritten letter to my typewriting pal – have yet to send it!

– I was reminded of the beauty of life and part of that beauty is in its ever changed nature.

– And just this week, a beautiful family friend lost her long battle with Cancer.

So thats my life in the last little while. It has been a hard month. But an important one.

Now to make arts about it.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 8.37.54 am

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 8.38.17 am

I am a person who loves books.

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