Suddenly I Saw

10 years, 5 albums, 1 EP and many thousands of hours of my teenage life and angst devoted to lip-syncing  her music  later – I finally saw my favourite musician live on stage in Sydney. KT Tunstall, peddler of stories and songs, and purveyor of some seriously sweet loop pedal talent. There is nothing much better than listening to the music that was the soundtrack through the highs and lows of the last 10 years of your life, and you knowing every single word. (sad? abso-fruitly no way, I think you mean mega-awesome-cool-rad) With the powerful stench of nostalgia already completely present and applying its colourful filter, it was made better by a number of surprise loop combinations involving a kazoo and a weird Japanese automaton, and the hilarious anecdotes that led to a crowd beat boxing session. Its hard to describe just how amazing it was, so I won’t. You just need to discover it for yourselves, her latest album is amazing “Invisible Empire//Crescent Moon”. Here are a few photos of the night though 🙂 Enjoy! Xx



kttunstall-13 kttunstall-23 kttunstall-4



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