Book Nook II

As a dreamer and a lover of stories, it should not come as a surprise that I, a 23 year old uni student, collect children’s books. A few months/ years ago I featured few of my favourites and since then I have accumulated quite a few more into my collection. Because of the range of books and activities that are now published for children, my collection is reflective of 3 things; my aesthetic, a well told story, and the values that I want to hand down to my children. Each book from my collection brings together these three elements and though I may not see the elements immediately, my intuition seems to serve me well and they soon appear as clear as day. Today I want to share with you a book that I adore and can’t wait to share with my own little family someday (when that happens/I’m not pregnant).

 Amazing Babes – Words by: Eliza Sarlos, Drawings by: Grace Lee


This book is beautiful. It is one that speaks to my own personal belief of the importance of strong role models for women. It begins with the phrase “As I grow…” and precedes to move from hand coloured portrait to hand coloured portrait of amazing women from all walks of life and from moments in time, describing a defining feature of their life.21c0311bafa8c260aef0f5a57acb5199 9509f52d30689721749b73131f66f06e



What is particularly great about this book is that it focusses on the characteristics that can be developed in a child/person rather than situations or genetic dispositions that they are born into or that rely on other peoples perceptions of them. Rather than “I want to be popular and noticed” statements which focusses on the way others treat and view us, the book focusses on characteristics that are about interior processes such as “I want to never lose the excitement of possibility like Gloria Steinem”, ” I want the curiosity of Hedy Lamara” which steeps the child’s focus in the qualities that shape the way we perceive and interact with the world. A truly beautiful set of hand drawn portraits each with an accompanying biography at the end of the book allows the readers to see how the quality that is shown has been a part of their life story. For me, this book is perhaps one of the most important books to come out of children’s fiction in the last few years; its content is perhaps the most needed in a time where the cult of celebrity and fame heavily influences the way we judge and value ourselves and others.

This stunning hardback is available from bookstores and retailing at around $24.95. If you have any thoughts and comments on the book I’d love to hear them, please leave a comment below. Many thanks and happy reading!



I am a person who loves books.

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