The Flower Folk

Hey there friends,

Aaaaaaand we’re back!! After a few weeks break its now time to get back into the swing of blogging 2014!

To kick things off I’d like to share the adventure that I had with my dearest compadre Jenkins and our visit with the folk of the Jonima flower farm.

I first became acquainted with the blooming family business when I began my saturday morning ritual of buying fresh flowers from the Farmers markets just off the federal highway in my beloved Canberra.

Every Saturday morning, John and a few of his younglings bring fresh flowers all the way from Yanderra, just past the southern highlands, to the waiting arms of the capital, ready to adorn the homes of the humble and the stately alike. The warm smile that accompanies the blooms wrapped in brown paper caught my attention instantly – this isn’t simply a business, it takes love and dedication, patience, gentleness and a handy green thumb to deliver like the folk of Jonima.

After offering to do the flowers for my dear friends wedding I started thinking about how I was supposed to source all the flowers that I needed for the bouquets. I practised with the flowers that I sourced from their stall at the markets.



And eventually I emailed Ingrid about ordering flowers and possibly coming to collect them and after advising me of their stock, my trusty compadre Jenkins and I set off on a road trip to see the flower folk.

Arriving at the farm just outside Bargo, we were warmly welcomed and given a tour of the property, through the rows and rows of gerbera’s, the rose gardens, the succulent sheds and the hydreangea courtyard. Ingrid, ‘the boss’, chatted happily about the business, her past in floristry and her passion for bringing interesting blooms to people less green thumbed. John and Ingrid’s passion for flowers and plants was inspiring, their warmth and openness endearing. Though it took a 4 hour round trip, seeing them in their element and sharing experiences with such creative and beautiful people became a highlight of our trip. Suffice to say Jenkins and I came away utterly inspired, and with an embarrassingly large creative crush on the all of the folk from Jonima.

With this season of life being littered with my peers getting hitched, I’m sure I’ll be up their again soon. If anyone is looking for contact details or more information check out their profile:

And for those who are interested, this is the finished bridal bouquet.


Here are a few snaps of the cutting room floor, the people, the flowers and the cheeky parrot.

CYMERA_20140212_124932 CYMERA_20140206_170020

CYMERA_20140206_163636 CYMERA_20140207_074107 CYMERA_20140207_073619 CYMERA_20140207_073406 CYMERA_20140212_125851 CYMERA_20140212_130050 CYMERA_20140212_130144


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