DIY #1: Day Tent

For Christmas this year my dearest Mum and Dad were wise and loving enough to give me a Bunnings gift card. As someone who frequents this DIY paradise it was the perfect gift for a lass on holidays with a taste for building things. I decided to use this gift on materials for my very own project, making a day tent. A day tent is a simple a-frame structure used for creating shade on sunny days – normally for pint-sized people and their playthings. I decided it would be a fun way to try out my new drill bits and to have something fun at the end to use.


4 x 1.8m Ceder wood Pickets

3 x 16mm Dowels

1 x 16mm Drill bit

An electric drill


3 meters fabric



Mark out each piece of Ceder wood with two holes. For the first measure 3cm’s from the top of the wood by 3.3cms across and mark this point. Do the same on the opposite end – these will be the slots through which the dowel will slide. Using the drill bit, drill through each hole firmly, making sure to check the wood for splitting and avoid drilling through the weak points of the wood. Once all the holes are drilled cut your dowel to the desired length, this is will determine the length of your day tent. Once all the dowel is cut to size, slot the dowel through the holes to create an A-frame like this:


If you wish to make the structure completely solid, apply wood glue to the inside of the slots before pushing through the dowel. Once finished drape your choice of fabric over the top of the frame, fastening the sides to the two side pieces of dowel that side just above the ground and Voila! You have yourself a funky day tent 🙂 Enjoy! Xx

tent-6 tent-5






tent-11 tent-1


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