Fiesta in November

watercolor_5_by_SadMonkeyDesign_res copyIt all started 23 years ago when two baby girls were born, a week apart. Since then, they have grown up, run around, made friends, finished high school, started uni, collided with each other in a german language course and then never looked back. Now in 2013, our 23rd year, we decided to have a fiesta for our birthday complete with moustaches, sombreros, Glutan Frida biscuits, flowers and JUAN DIRECTION.

The lead up was fantastic, a bit frantic but still heaps of fun. I made a pallet table (with the help of Luis), made beautiful dip dyed cans and jars, arranged flowers and made lots of crepe paper garlands – such much diy šŸ™‚

We had an amazing time with our friends and families, thank you to everyone that came! Enjoy the pretty photos Xx.


First, the instagrams.


1457541_10153519170145228_1601369243_n 1455863_10153519158780228_1508755171_n 1463136_10153519160545228_1725586091_n 1425523_10153519163335228_501810312_n 1465186_10153519175930228_1347747725_n 523489_10153519147915228_577760905_n 995556_10153519156730228_1772115070_n 1476080_10201546732684643_1757305228_n 601143_10201546364715444_1618057480_n 1452313_10201546362515389_1459583087_n 1471322_10201539469063057_1406560829_n 1472028_10201546360275333_1605185142_n 1379653_10201546754285183_695303291_n 1470079_10201546770205581_178511740_n 1457559_10153519173115228_765578450_n


And now the non-instagrams


1421022_10152070570885929_1102223296_o 1400766_10152070569665929_1724103882_o 1398048_10152070570300929_1364938074_o 1398576_10152070572815929_1623593608_o 1397119_10152070574060929_177614444_o 1404726_10152070571835929_656004315_o 1403569_10152070573405929_1097976325_o 1404696_10152070569620929_1100963593_o 1412448_10152070571905929_903684183_o 1410778_10152070573040929_1837597965_o 1402914_10152070571500929_1069286958_o 1415397_10152070570460929_124965751_o 1415553_10152070569460929_773988592_o 1425495_10152070569225929_918636462_o 1417672_10152070574155929_284213152_o 1404995_10152070569590929_645401372_o 1398657_10152070570875929_6622505_o 1404483_10152070577710929_1113610845_o 1402947_10152070573075929_224085657_o 1402138_10152070574295929_163726340_o-1 1400325_10152070574500929_1047627886_o 1400733_10152070574885929_1260503171_o 1396869_10152070577675929_1631274144_o 1397739_10152070574530929_521062910_o 1402414_10152070574675929_935306733_o-1 1425436_10152070577325929_2067972872_o 1462658_10152070574300929_633900082_o 1400632_10152070574985929_687946858_o 1402436_10152070575960929_1193655197_o


I am a person who loves books.

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