Joanna & Andrew

On Thursday I have the absolutely amazing privilege of helping my housemate’s boyfriend propose to her. It was adorable. With lots of cunning plans in place, Andrew enlisted the help of the Burrow housemates, Me, Luke, Asher and Chris to sneakily set up the courtyard at the home while they were out. Frantic candle lighting, garland hanging and rose petal bombing over 20 mins got our adrenaline pumping and finally as we deftly got her to come in the back door and left her unsuspecting in the kitchen, we waited, with baited breath, as she walked out the front door and into the biggest question of her life.


She said yes!

Here are a few snaps x


The set up crew!

moresurprise-8 moresurprise-9 moresurprise-6

He liked it, so her put a ring on it.

surprise-13 surprise-12 surprise-9 Jo&Andrew triptych surprise-30

I am a person who loves books.

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