The Kinfolk

As the end of the academic school year draws to a close, and as assignments begin to pile up and my fascination in all things other than my school work reaches its peak, I have inevitably found yet another wonderful thing to occupy my time. Well, a sort of thing…a collective. They are called “The Kinfolk”, originally based in Portland, Oregon.kinfolk2-663x439

In their own words “The Kinfolk team is a small group of writers, artists and business minds working together in Portland, Oregon, along with a couple remote team members. The extended Kinfolk community consists of far-flung, like-minded, food-loving friends, photographers, designers, cooks and other creative types, whose contributions help define the magazine. Kinfolk provides a space where we can come together and share ideas about small gatherings, casual entertaining and great things to cook, make and do.”





I’ve been looking at some of the beautiful photos that they have on their website and even stumbled across a few of their short films. I like way in which each film celebrates the simple beauty of things, its a non-ego centric construction, it chooses to celebrate the beauty in the moments we share with each other and the equally beautiful moments that we cherish by ourselves. I really enjoy how different each film is, though they do retain the binding essence of simplicity, and the celebration of our own individual communities.

So check them out! Much love! Xx


I am a person who loves books.

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