Episode 200!!

Well it seems as though this blog thing is sticking around, after 2 1/2 years and its fair share of changes, layouts, observations and musings, THEREBECCAPAPERS is now ticking over its 200th post/episode/musing! Its the journey that began with my commencement at the ANU School of Art and has continued to be a platform for my ideas, my progress report, feedback, inspiration and general rambling.

I have seen a number of dreams realised since I first began whittling away in this cosy corner of the cyberverse; I began photographing more, started my art school journey, got engaged, got married, travelled, changed jobs, taken more photographs, travelled more and have somehow ended up here, 2 and bit years later.

So thankyou to all ye who stumble across this corner, welcome and feel free to giggle at the earlier angsty posts. I still sip tea, enjoy thick socks and am filled with sorrow when I have to remove them, I still work in a bookstore and remain resolutely/stubbornly optimistic that re-brewing will catch on.

image credit: alexis winter (left) anna gould (right)
image credit: alexis winter (left) anna gould (right)

I am a person who loves books.

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