Tapas, Mist and Sunflowers

Spain, this place has far exceeded our expectations, and we absolutely love it! Here are a few snaps from our adventures in the south of Spain! x

IMG_20130704_224113 IMG_20130705_071757 IMG_20130705_072408 IMG_20130705_072257 IMG_20130705_072529 IMG_20130705_072206 IMG_20130705_072440 IMG_20130705_071553 IMG_20130705_072834 IMG_20130705_072651 IMG_20130705_072736 IMG_20130705_194314 IMG_20130705_202305 IMG_20130705_202152 IMG_20130705_194619 IMG_20130705_194459 IMG_20130705_202349 IMG_20130705_202503 IMG_20130705_202626 IMG_20130705_071513 IMG_20130705_071718 IMG_20130705_071153 IMG_20130704_190644 IMG_20130704_071312 IMG_20130705_071844 IMG_20130705_071028

I am a person who loves books.

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