Lyon in an attic



This is our attic apartment in Lyon, France. Isn’t it swell?!

We arrived this afternoon for the weekend before heading off to Nice and were surprised to find that we arrived on the night of the annual music festival. So we spent the evening walking through the cobblestone streets that surged with people, buskers and bands played in alleyways and where one lot of music faded, another lot increased. The people here are really friendly and the ice-cream is incredible!

IMG_20130621_233142 IMG_20130621_233813 IMG_20130621_233745 IMG_20130621_233354 IMG_20130621_233848 IMG_20130621_233245 IMG_20130622_061950 IMG_20130622_061918 IMG_20130622_053231


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6 thoughts on “Lyon in an attic

  1. Wow! What beautiful photos!! It’s making me miss it so much, I hope you both are having an amazing time!! 🙂


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