The Folkie

Yesterday I celebrated Easter sunday by creating an easter egg hunt, going to church and then hitting up the National Folk Festival for 12 hours. What a great way to spend the gloriously wonderful Easter Sunday.

I really love the folkie, it speaks to my hippy-child soul, and so spending a beautiful autumn day there was absolutely stellar!! I made a little wooden cricket with a lovely fellow who has spoken the language woodwork for many years, and trawled the market stalls for vintage delights, ah it was lovely. And being partial to irish jigs, we flitted from The Majestic to The Marquee to The Flute and Fiddle for a taste of the music from the motherland. Under the lanterns we sat and drank steaming hot chai and shamelessly posed for selfies…it was GREAT! We decided to try out the poetry slam and inadvertently became ramshackle judges…we left halfway through..awkward. And finally as the last band at the Scrumpy played  bluegrass ballads, we lay down on the pallet beds under the stars and felt the warm fingers of sleepiness close around us…Goodnight Folkies.

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I am a person who loves books.

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