A Day with the Nesbitt’s & Hayley

038%20%283%29-2A couple of week ago Luke and I decided to take a morning trip out to Lifeline bookfair to pick up some good reads, we started backing out of our driveway when we saw a friend of ours, dearest Hayley walking along the path next to our house. We promptly kidnapped her and took her with us to the book fair. Though we diverted her from our original plan of going to the markets across the road from our house, we did return triumphantly with books in tow and then proceeded to venture across the road to peruse the homemade jams. As wonderful as this was nothing could beat the days highlight, Art Not Apart, the independant arts festival held in Canberra at the new hub of city life, Nishi, New Acton. The Suitcase rummages was amazing, I picked up a few expired rolls of colour film (exciting) and am currently experimenting with them as well as a magazine in which I was featured, USFOLK the 4th edition. Super exciting! The photo above was taken inside an open house performance art piece that was set inside one of the apartment complexes, the piece was entitled ‘Open house 1964’ hosted by April’s caravan. Essentially a house decked out in 1960’s decor and technology, with the ‘house owners’ Mr & Mrs Nesbitt doing rounds of Salmon paté with cucumber, truly ….delightful. We wandered and perused and chatted and yearned and guessed things and mused. A day of spontaneity with a swell companion, what else could one ask for, bar perhaps one of Mrs Nesbitt’s salmon and cucumber delights.  All in all this would probably be the highlight, the Nesbitt’s doing their bitt and of course the sheer delight and terror that we experienced as we entered. I had a truly amazing day with a truly amazing friend!

I am a person who loves books.

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