Law School Freedom!

1979_130576715227_3529_n 1979_130579730227_3832_n 1979_130579775227_5834_n 165372_500178132920_3089225_n 480970_10152722195625228_1195918070_nMy sister graduated from Law School today!!! She is my big sister, the one who would share her toys with me and taught me how to play fair. She is brave and has the highest sense of honour and integrity of anyone I know, she hated bananas when we were little and used to break the biscuits in the packet so I couldn’t have any. On my wedding day she stood by me, she didn’t cry even though she wanted to and at the end of the night gave me a packet of unbroken biscuits. Now that is true sisterly love. I love her and am very proud that she made it through with her sanity!!

I am a person who loves books.

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