A Quiet Moment to Muse.

Photo on 20-03-13 at 5.28 PM Photo on 20-03-13 at 5.26 PM #2

Wednesday is the intensive day in my week. Its the day where all my classes run together in a stream of intersecting and almost overlapping ports of information. Tutorials and lectures erupt in discussions about modernism, music, poetry, history and mythology and after 3 straight hours of running between rooms with blending numbers and tutorial friends it comes to a stop at 1 o’clock. Wednesdays are the days that I meet up with my dear friend Anita and we have long lunches under the willow trees. Today I met another old friend and it made the day especially lovely. And now, as the gold autumn light hits the leaves outside the window I can stop, sip my Minty Marrakesh tea and muse. These are the moments that I now look forward to, the times when I, the rambling extrovert with everything to say, can stop, and be content with fading sunlight, silence and a humble cup of tea.

I am a person who loves books.

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