A Busy month

So dear cyberspacians, the past month as you may have noticed has gone swiftly and no new post has appeared, sad face. However I am dragging myself  away from the busyness of life and settling down on my bed with some tea and spending time “penning” my thoughts.

This month has been a busy one. I have written a DIY article for a cute Canberra magazine “Usfolk”, booked flights to Europe, opened my first exhibition with 3 other lovely artists, I’m moving house in the next few days and starting my forth year at ANU. 2013 has been a big one so far! I’m excited by what this year will bring. The chance to travel to places I have dreamed of and seen in my favourite films, walk the streets of famous novelists and artists and tragically sigh about not living in their time.

I’m excited to reunite with friends that I made years ago, and seeing their world and experiencing their normality.

I’m excited to be changing my lifestyle!  This year my husband and I have made a few choices, I have decided to stop drinking alcohol and he has stopped drinking caffeine. I have told some people about my plan and while some have applauded others have not so readily accepted it. I felt challenged to stop drinking, not because I’m an alcoholic or because I binge drink but because it became obvious that it had become the sole social stimulant around which some friends and I would congregate. Meeting with friends that I wanted to know better gravitated around this social scene which, in hindsight, promoted solidarity in our drinking habits rather than sobriety and meaningful conversation. I’m not denying that bonding can happen while drinking, but I would rather create and foster friendships that are based on mutual interest and genuine care and respect instead of simply alcohol stimulated warm fuzzies that aren’t necessarily constant. Again this is simply my experience, and I felt like I was falling into the trap of being a “drinking buddy” rather than friend. Since I have stopped drinking I have been privileged to spent time with a friend actually DOING stuff, making memories, talking with her, sharing ideas- a bond that was simply not as strong when we went out to have drinks. If having one more meaningful relationship is the least that this year of sobriety yields, I will be happy, because she is definitely worth it. And to all those people who ask me every few months, yes I’m married, yes I’m not drinking and no I’m not pregnant.

Last night I had my very first art show opening! Yay! I worked with 3 other young artists from the art school to create a show called “The Mountain” exploring the theme of the subjectivity of the human experience and its impact of how we view history. It was an amazing night! To think that 7 months of work is now on the walls of a gallery is amazing! I’m so proud and privileged to work with such amazing artists. Amy, Kieran and Jenna are fantastic, Amy is a sculptor and created such a stunning piece of work using toffee, Kieran is a digital artist with sweet maths skills who created a generated image that gradually becomes more chaotic and Jenna is a stunning print media artist who created some amazing layered drawings. My work was a series of quail eggs that I had put images inside of and also some prints from some large format work I did last year. Probably the most exciting moment was when I walked into the gallery and actually couldn’t move because there were so many people there! Ah! So cool!

And now for the next exciting adventure! *drumroll* I’M MOVING HOUSE! Yes, thats right, with such a busy week, why not just add moving into the mix! Well I did and dang, its hard work. But very exciting. We’re moving into a share house in the city with 4 friends who are the most wonderful people! It has chandeliers and roman baths and A LOFT!!!!!!! It’s pretty exciting 🙂 Aaaand on that note, I should go and pack because otherwise I have one day to do that and that isn’t fun. So dear ones I hope this week is full of blessings and if you feel like its not, why not try blessing someone else first, guarenteed you’ll feel better and therefore blessed.

Photo credit: Gerard Egan, 2013

I am a person who loves books.

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