Memories and the future

Dear Readers,

Apologies on the almost month long break, life has been pretty busy here  in my humble little abode, Post uni madness turned into christmas madness and then post christmas madness has now turned into creative new year madness with many resolutions jostling for prime spot. However I have missed just sitting down and writing what’s on my mind.  The last week has been focussed on looking for a new rental house, my husband and I are attempting to start a share house with another married couple and two more lovely friends of ours. It’ll be something that we’ve never tried before and we’re SO excited! Of course it will have its ups and downs, but the chance to share time with people you care about and want to invest in is worth it. Open houses have been dominating our schedule for the last few days and I always get excited when I visit each house, I suppose I think about the potential life that could exist there and the adventures and memories that could be shared in that place. And as I think about all this I’m also drawn back to the memories of the house that I shall soon leave. It is a small place, an old workers cottage in the leafy suburb of Narrabundah in Canberra. I think of the old gas stove in the loungeroom where I sat in front read on cold winter afternoons, the shaded bike ride to the food markets down the road to get flowers on my day off, the shed – the powerhouse of all my creative projects (some still unfinished). I think of the first night I spent here after my wedding and the day that we got back from our honeymoon and it became HOME. There is something about the first house that you live in as a married couple. You will always remember the way the floors felt, cool wood underneath your hot feet, and the way the washing machine hummed away during the night, the names and heights of children on the back of the toilet door- Thor, Byron and Imogen, where the sunlight falls first at dawn- on the rocking chair in the study overlooking the extremely large mint patch in the garden. Alas, this is not our settling place, and these memories are lovely, but there will be more and soon, more people with whom to make them.

I am a person who loves books.

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