Peppermint fresh outlook

It’s a hot summer’s morning here, where I sit blogging my thoughts to the cyberverse. I’m sitting in my husbands rocking chair next to the window that’s beaming with joyful morning rays of sunshine. This morning I decided to sit in here and read and be thankful that I don’t have to be at work again today, there is something about bookstores at Christmas time, it can be both fulfilling and terrifying in the same moment. People can be angels or very nearly demonic during this season which sadly I feel is being caught up in a swirl of ‘have to have’s’ and ‘i want’s’ rather than freely giving something expecting nothing in return. I have talked to so many parents who are worried that their children won’t be pleased with ONLY 3 books and I’m sure as the 25th comes closer I will talk to many more. This consumer nature doesn’t just apply to the Christmas season, sadly I have been noticing it gradually taking over everyday life. More and more faith is placed how ownership of things marks you as a person and how your value as a person comes from what you do. I have observed for quite a while that after meeting someone for the first time they will ask my name first and then what I do second, as if that is a measure of who I am. I don’t know, maybe I’m just questioning social idioms for the sake of it, but I’d love for someone to ask me instead “and do you prefer ice-cream or gelato?” or “and what do you like to read?”, I think that has more bearing on my identity than how I make money. I guess all this thought has sprung up after a few months of musing over how I want to approach life, is pursuing a career where I’m supposed to be, is raising a family where we could be, and if so how do I approach that, is more education work in India calling or is it the art scene here at home where I’ll stay. Ultimately I don’t know, but this has lead (in some cosmic way or another) to buying a little magazine called Peppermint that focusses on sustainable living, healthy choices and tells the stories of people who go against the grain of our society and are just loving it. There was an article in there about a guy who moved to the country and started raising chickens and growing his own veggies, his reasoning (not that you need one really, what a great choice!) was “I don’t want to be part of society that is hell bent on acquisition. I can’t relate to that.” And I think that’s brilliant! I get it! I don’t want to be yet another cog in the cycle of mindless consumerism that sells THINGS to people seeking to fill a hole that THINGS just can’t fix. Anyway, I have decided that I’d like to buy less, enjoy life more, engage with books and nature and people rather than instagram, Facebook, malls, and stuff I don’t need. I would rather my life be marked by experiences and adventures than by stuff I acquired in my short time here on earth. I hope this Christmas, to those who celebrate it, that you would be happy with just simply the experience and not what you get out of it, I hope that you wouldn’t be stressed about money or about buying things for the sake of having presents under the tree. And I hope that see yourself as more than a product of your circumstances and what you do to make money, because I can assure you, you are much much more.

I am a person who loves books.

2 thoughts on “Peppermint fresh outlook

  1. Thanks, I like this a lot. It’s so easy to get caught up in the pre-Christmas rush, stress, buy, etc and not enjoy the season at all. Have a great Christmas! (What *do* you like to read?)


  2. ha ha I’m a lover of classics and literature mostly, though I’ve been known to stray into science fiction. I’m currently reading a book called “The Passage” by Justin Cronin, its worth a peek!


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