The Painted Darlings

I was so excited to attempt my first upholstery project with a pair of chairs from the last post. Here are the results! I do love them a little bit, I hope you do to! I picked up the chairs from a tip shop near my house, cleaned them and painted the frames, and sourced the fabrics from local op-shop. One cover is from a pillow case and the other is from a pair of beautiful pyjama shorts.

From this....
From this….
...To this!
…To this!


From this...
From this…
...To this!
…To this!

I am a person who loves books.

2 thoughts on “The Painted Darlings

  1. Wow, beautiful colour combinations! I think you’ve answered my question (on a previous post) on what you were planning to do with the material you found. 🙂


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