Second year complete

So I have finished my second year of visual arts at the art school and all I can say is that I’ve learnt a lot. I’m tired, poor and ready to sleep. But it has been an amazing ride. I’ve learnt the basics of lighting externally and in a studio, I’ve learnt how to shoot in medium and large format film and I’ve delivered a commissioned project to a client. How exciting! There is so much more but those are the highlights. And here are a few pieces of my work that I’ve been labouring over for the past semester. Enjoy, feel free to comment!





I am a person who loves books.

3 thoughts on “Second year complete

    • Thanks for the comment, I also loved making the silhouettes, I did six in total of different women. I’ll put them up once I get around to making the files slightly smaller and manageable for the web. They are all done on large format negatives and the eggs are done using liquid light and standard darkroom processing.


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