Art Desk Project

Today I went to ‘Tiny’s green shed’, a waste management recycling depot that sells old and unwanted items ranging from plates and cups to furniture to light fittings. I love trawling these places, they can hold such unexpected treasures and things that you couldn’t even dream of finding. As I wandered the aisles of potentially amazing furniture, I chanced upon a creamy white desk, I pride open the lid and peeked inside to discover an old art desk! So I have brought it home to my lovely house and plan to fix it up, add some feet to it etc, but what a perfect little dear it is. This will be added to the next line up of projects once uni finishes!

3 thoughts on “Art Desk Project

    1. therebeccapapers says:

      Aye, thank you 🙂 Yeah I’m enjoying tackling the furniture challenge, we’ll see how it goes. I’ve been checking out your blog too! Really enjoying the idea of adventures in design and upcycling, I think that approach makes it more okay to make mistakes 🙂 Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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