An Ode to Spring

I love the slow but sure signs of springtime creeping up slowly out of winters cold grasp. I have been watching this happen for the past few weeks, smiling to myself quietly and cheering it on, welcoming the snatches of colour that appear here and there. With spring comes new ideas, excitment of what possibilities are yet to arise, and for me and my husband, we attempted our own herb planter.

So far so good, we have kept the plants alive and have this brilliant bunting covered box to boot!

But what I also love about spring, is the colour, the vibrant greens of new shoots and leaves curling up and out of their stems saying hello to the world, the pinks and white of the japanese cherry blossoms that overtake the local parks.

This is just down the road from my house, absolutely beautiful!

I really wanted a picture under there so here is the precariously perched selfportrait.

Luke and I walk past these trees and through the small forest that runs between the local markets and our suburb every weekend for our weekly shopping. Once a week I visit the markets and buy fresh flowers for our house, they are a small reminder of the natural beauty that still exists amongst so much distortion and sadness.Keeping them in every room reminds me of that, so I’m never just stuck with manmade things. I like to incorperate them into parts of the decor, placing stems of blossoms into bell jars and hanging bottles of water from the kitchen window with stems in them aswell.

I really enjoy making small projects for around the house, its a great way of working out how to make things that have never been done before and allowing yourself to do things with no right or wrong way, but simply the way that you want it. That’s how my best friend and I work, we think of a project and then set a day aside to figure it out and to make it. Yesterday we made freestanding doily bowls. Why, I hear you ask, well why not say I.

Springtime has definately inspired me to create more things, try out more experiments and as a result of its inherent optimism I feel as though it also encourages me to be okay with failing. Because failing allows for constructive self evalution, it forces you to think about what went wrong, and shows you where you need to go. So bring on springtime, bring on experiments and failures, bring on new life and adventures!

I am a person who loves books.

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