The canvas

Ideas are sometimes hard to formulate, to explain. I need to visually vent onto some space where I can look at my thoughts and find a coherent pattern, thus this post will begin its life as  a venting canvas – enjoy.Frailty and Intricacy and beauty

Old film colours,


fading memory but more sunlight

Nakeness, I’m not scared of you.

And these things are the small infinitely satifying moments that remind you of wonder.

She always has a melancholy look in her eye, as if she knew that one day, those stones would become real and she would surrender herself to their fate.

And the water asked her to join and she humbly obliged, leaving behind a some dusty books, blotting paper and a room of her own.

Now all that’s left is the indiscernable figure

of who you & I think

she was.

I am a person who loves books.

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