The Finkelde Chair

My dear friends, I apologize for my long absence from my little nook of cyberworld, the past week has been a struggle to get through, but now I am here, at the end of it, resolved, content and ready to share my thoughts and happenings.

Yesterday was my long awaited day of solitude. I have been so busy with university and evening dinner parties and work that time alone is something that I, as an extreme extrovert, do not often crave. So yesterday in my solitude, while my adorable husband was out at work, I attacked the remaining uncoloured dining room chair with art.

Before:                                                                             During:

During part II & III:


I call it “The Finkelde Chair”.

I did this because I felt like I needed to release some tension and emotion from the long and tiresome week. If anyone is feeling the same way, I suggest setting yourself a single day project that you can achieve and be proud of. For me there is something so satifying about starting and finishing something within the same day, perhaps it is the fact that it is completely resolved, there is no looking back and saying “I really should find time to finish it”, there is no guilty feeling when six months later you pull out that half finished sketch and sigh. Do something today; set a small goal, start and finish it!

I am a person who loves books.

2 thoughts on “The Finkelde Chair

  1. Thanks kristen! I used a 4 base colours to achieve any of the variations and just mixed them together for varients. Really good if you’re going for a swedish style palette that ranges between tones of the same colour. 🙂 I have also been enjoying your blog, always good to see what other people craft!


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