This is a series of work that I produced in my first year of photography looking at teenage boys at the most confusing time of their lives. The tender age of 15. It all began when I asked my younger brother to step in to a shot so I could focus it before I jumped in. The result was an image that was really striking for some reason, so I decided to follow that up and began photographing boys around the same age as my brother. I interviewed them all and spent time an afternoon with them, getting to know their likes and dislikes and some evern shared their dreams and ambitions. They are each absolutely wonderful people, and I’m interested in where their individual interests and pursuits will take them and I feel so privilaged to have met with them. A big thankyou to each of them for putting up with me and my strange questions and my scary camera, and for those of you to whom I have no yet delivered that mega-cookie I promised, remind me! So here they are, the boys, at 15.

Tobius the Philosopher

I am a person who loves books.

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