Sydney Biennale 2012

As part of my course at ANU School of Art, our faculty organised a trip to the Sydney Biennale, a major showcasing of contemporary art from all around the world. We only saw artworks featured in the MCA and the installation precinct of Cuckatoo Island in Sydney Harbour. The following images are of the installation works that I enjoyed the most, unfortunately I did not get the names of all the Artists in the showcase but I’m giving them full credit for the works pictured, they are each, absolutely stunning. These are a few of my favourites from the visit!

Nicknamed: No girls just small dresses

Nicknamed: Ramp from the world to the sky and back

Nicknamed: The Avatar tree

Nicknamed: My grandmothers memories

Nicknamed: All my world’s a stage

Nicknamed: Listen to the Wind

I am a person who loves books.

3 thoughts on “Sydney Biennale 2012

  1. Oh I loved the one of the suspended dresses! It was quite eerie… they way they moved ever so slightly…
    Actually it reminded me of Anne Ferran and Adam Fuss’ photograms. They are absolutely stunning. ❤


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