The Instagram revolution

I know, I know, I’ve cottoned onto this a little late, but I just can’t help but enjoy it. Instagram has become a fun little indulgence in my life which, despite the low quality resolution and the predictable filters has afforded me many moments of amusement. I thought it was time to come clean, as the photographer in me face palms her photographer head, it is only fair that others get to share in the face palming. So here, here are my funkified cameraphone images, I hope you enjoy, even if you don’t admit to it! They all have a story behind them đŸ™‚

Driving home from a day trip to Moss Vale, the beautiful storm clouds gathered above Lake George and I pondered his plight and their beauty.
A landscape ramp from the Sydney Biennale 2012
Memories and words and whole beings were born on these pages, transcending flesh and existing in myth.
A new friend, with a chicken.
An unwanted mirror, longing for a mistress.
My old friend.
A study date in progress
He is an engineer, my fellow.
A Cinderalla moment – It fits!
Luis doesn’t like having his photo taken, but I don’t mind at all.
It spun while we were in the room, I don’t know what happened once we left.
The end of a day, the beginning of an adventure.

I am a person who loves books.

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