Era idea

This afternoon I started thinking about stories and where stories await to be told. I thought about my habit of collecting clothes from different era’s and decided to tell some stories through creating characters and placing them in situations that I may find them. So here are 3 different characters from three different era’s – they aren’t fully fleshed out yet and I think this could be a very interesting body of work, let me know what you think and what I should tweak.

1920’s Avid Reader

This is Bonny from the 1920’s. She escapes into worlds contained in the musty pages of novels from her fathers library. She imagines that she can fly, is brave, fearless and her favourite novel is Peter Pan.

1930’s Piano Girl

This is Audrey in the 1930’s. She works as a waitress in her uncle’s Cafe, “The Rouge Espresso Bar” and wants to be a singer and actress in films.

1960’s Kook

This is Heidi, from the 1960’s. Her parents kitchen has laminated boards everywhere and she doesn’t like it. Heidi likes colours that don’t go together, and wants to be an artist.

I am a person who loves books.

3 thoughts on “Era idea

  1. I like the concept, will be interesting to see where it goes! One comment, I reckon a character is really only as interesting as their flaws and I didn’t really read one 😉


  2. Yeah, I’d be interested in creating characters in more visually loaded situations. These are definitely basic sketch characters to start with, but I was thinking of creating more era type characters, any ideas or era’s you’d be interested in seeing depicted?


  3. I like your idea of placing them in “situations” I also get the impression that you’re going for intimate, but also very domestic and typical situations and I think that’s kind of awesome.

    I quite like details, it’d be cool to surround the character in imagery, clues, items and other either iconic and/or contextualising things from the era although you’d have to take care to stay on the subtle side and be mindful that the more you add, the harder it will be to strike the balance between adding rather than subtracting from the story and focus on each character and their clothes. In either case, don’t forget hairstyles and make up from the era.

    There might be one or two places around town with iconic interior architecture from each era, you could set up a bedroom, kitchen or other intimate, domestic location of life in each and light and shoot the character within.

    If you did do that it’d be cool to have an object or two that continued through each photograph, perhaps a chair that’s re-covered with new upholstery that fits each era that travels through time with the characters.

    I love the pairs of images too! It seems like one image is always quite somber and almost scientific and then the next image adds some behaviour or personality of the person.



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