Here’s an interview I gave recently about the upcoming ‘Winterfair’ that a friend and I are running this coming weekend to ‘Us folk Magazine”. SO exciting!


If you like the smell of second hand things, rummaging through other people’s stuff, adoring granny knitwear, and mingling with carefree young creative people, then we have an event that’s right up your alley: Winterfair.

Local artist Rebecca Worth tells us what it’s all about…

What is Winterfair?

Winterfair is a gathering of crafty cats looking for an opportunity to display and sell their wares/old clothes/trinkets/artworks/delicious food etc.

It started last year as a result of pent up creative frustration by two uni friends that ended in a magnificent scarf tree, bunting and lots of people buying artworks.

What can we expect this year?

This year our event is getting bigger with the contribution of hectic street cred supplied by our live bands and the possibility of a vintage caravan. There will be tea, bunting, art, old things and friendly people sharing their pre-loved clothes and stuff.

Come and join…

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