And breathe.

Recently I have been on mid-semester break from uni and life is good. I blinked and looked around a good 12 hours after my last essay was handed in and surveyed the chaos that had preceded to take hold whilst I was imminently preoccipied with the quite obvious and world-ending task of completing that last essay, which, had it not been perfectly, would have obviously caused the downfall of all civilization as we know it…obviously. I have now begun to live somewhat normally again, with the beautiful routine of waking up each morning and beginning the day with incessent pillow talking with my best friend (see below the surreptitiously placed wedding photo!), carefully considering his patient but argumentative grunts into the pillow before launching into my next supposition on the value of tinted glass bottles as 3D glasses. The real appreciation of a modest tea drinking session in the morning, when the fog still hovers about the house, making me feel even more cosy next to the old stove heater. I feel so triumphant as I put down one book and start on the next, I can read at my leisure and that which I feel compelled not obligated to read. I have also avoided the internet as much as possible – which has been a sweet, sweet relief. And for the remaining few weeks that this sanity remains, I think I shall continue in that mode of thinking. As much as I love writing my thoughts and inspirations down, and sending out into the cybernetic void of the internet, I also realise this: The internet can show me amazing things, but just outside my window, the world is begging me to come and experience that for myself, to feel for myself the strange coldness of the wintersun, the true vibrance of the red berries that grow in abundance but that we dare not eat, to discover the beauty and the tragedy of the world we live in and to discover it for myself. So now that I can live the last few remaining weeks of the cold canberra winter as a lady of leisure, I shall endeavour to look more to my surroundings for inspiration, through experience, meditation and experimentation. Oh, and naturally a good allocation of tea sipping times.

I am a person who loves books.

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