William Eggleston

I have been looking at a few artists over the last few months for inspiration for some of my own colour photography experiments. One of the artists that has struck me is William Eggleston, an american photographer working primarily with coda-chrome slide film. I really love the colours of these slide images, I’d like to call the tone of them ‘old colour’, because they remind me of the photographs that my parents had in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

For more artist information see link below:


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3 thoughts on “William Eggleston

  1. When you use the term ‘old colour’ is that a reference or play on words? William Eggleston and other people working in the same school as him are sometimes refereed to as ‘new color.’


    • Its a play on words, not refering to Egglestons’ placement in schools of photography, rather just personal perspective that I have on his work in comparison to some of the amature photography of my uncles from the 1960’s – 1990’s.


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