Why don’t you slide?

I have been busy shooting a few projects for university and in all this busy-ness mistakes are inevitable. I am documenting a space in the suburbs, trying to explore and discover the history of a large house. It used to be a drug den, then an un-official brothel and now it is a group house and church for a group of young christians. I guess the history as well as the strange, labyrinth space, room after room, corridors and staircases in the place, is what I’m interested in. I went in and shot a roll of 120 colour film one afternoon, and once I finished I coiled it up and lifted it out of the back, glancing at the label I saw not the normal c-41 process stamp, instead I saw something I’d never used before. I took it into a lab and asked what it was, turns out it was slide film. Slide film for those not reading as photographers, is quite simply a process by which a positive image is imprinted on the film rather than a negative. And so my mistake turn out to be experimental and a very happy accident after all.

Here are a few results, enjoy!

The Pews
The Scholar’s Room
The Film Director’s studio


I am a person who loves books.

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