Apologies and the Best excuse ever.


Obviously I have been neglecting my poor little nook of cyberspace and I am profusely sorry! But I do have a good excuse…I got married!

Yes very exciting, and I cannot help but share with you all some of the lovely memories of the day. Here are a few little bits and bobs that I gathered from wonderfully talented friends and family.

Prepping for the moment – a father and daughter tribute, Photo by Casey Crockford


Seeing Mr Luke waiting up the front under the bunting



Walking down the aisle with dearest Dad, Photo by Craig Tregear


This beautiful film photograph of ‘the kiss’ by Chloe Gray

ImageBeing married!


My charming new husband on the right with ‘Hipstermatic’ photographer friend Huy.

And partying down at the reception with My india crew! Charah, chopie and maam bel!


I am a person who loves books.

2 thoughts on “Apologies and the Best excuse ever.

  1. Hey Bec, I put a photo of you singing, by Craig Tregear, on my blog. Stole it from Josh’s FB. Your wedding was joyous, my favourite. Thanks for everything you did. xx


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