Project update: Double exposures

Here are a few shots from actual series. As yet the series has no title, so any suggestions are appreciated. And for those who missed the concept in the last post, here it is:

The values, mannerisms, opinions and attitudes that one experiences during childhood have a profound impact on shaping the way in which one, as a child, percieves, understands and interacts with the world and contructs our identities. Its is both our experiences and the influence of our parents that make up this construction. This work seeks to visually explore that overlap between that which we experience and construct for ourselfes and that which we, perhaps ever unconciously, inherit.

These shots are taken from my third photoshoot for this project with Jacqueline and Hayley Jenkins.

These shots are taken from my fourth photoshoot for this project with Leslie and Anita Carr.

This project is currently in the process of being edited so any thoughts on the above shots are much appreciated, I’d love to hear how people react to this work.

Instead of having prints of these, I’m going to be projecting them onto white walls, I’ve never projected a work before, but I think it should be interesting. It’ll give the images more space to breathe, more space to be contemplated.

So enjoy, let me know if you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear them!


I am a person who loves books.

One thought on “Project update: Double exposures

  1. Hey miss, i could look at the third photo of hayley and jacqueline all day long. i think its brilliant. i especially like the spot where hayley’s hair and jacqueline mouth over lap. i think this image works wonderfully with your concept, that idea of “the little voice in the back of one’s head”. i look forward to seeing some of you work in person quite soon. x


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