Work in progress

This is year marks the start of my second year in my visual arts degree – and as exciting as it is, it is also scary stuff! But I have to admit, its nice being familiar with the set ups and surrounds and with the people that you’re working it.

This year our work is split up into Studio Theory, Conceptual Development, Studio Lighting, and Self instructed prac which is keeping us doped up on stress and lots of work.

In my first conceptual project I’ve been looking at double exposures on meduim format 645 negs. The gist of my conceptual looking at representing the ways in which parents influence their childs identity; how a child either accepts and mirrors their parents worldviews and ideals or rejects them. How far do we as individuals shape our thoughts and ideals and how far do our parents do that for us? Still very much a work in progress, here are a few images I”ve been working on to check the technical aspects of my idea.

I am a person who loves books.

2 thoughts on “Work in progress

  1. love the concept, bec! think you could definitely think about taking it even further, elaborate on the idea by exploring other ways/combinations of layering …


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