To Morocco?

Wowzer, I’m caught up in excitement, and I’ve only just started looking at the pictures! For those who aren’t aware, I’m getting married in April! Whoop! And with a new life adventure also comes (I believe) the opportunity for a geographical adventure…a holiday.

I have been thinking about somewhere to explore and have settled on nowhere in particular, my love for India will never subside and thus it remains consistantly in my top 3. But whilst I want to go back, I also want to try somewhere new, somewhere that I have no history with, so that Luke and I can make our own way and make our own unique memories and history.

One place that has captured my imagination for awhile now is Morocco! I was buying my rose perfume this week when the lovely lady that served me began telling me about “Kallet Des Mgouna” or The Valley of Roses” in Morocco and a tide of exciment engulfed me. Ever since then the tide has been gently lapping away in the background refusing to go down. And why would it? When there are adventures and sites to be seen such as this?

Adventure through the alleyways, I would want to always make it around the “next corner” and end up in morrocco’s heart and she in mine.

And it is people like this that I would want to chat to, even if its just for an hour.

We can share stories over our steaming pot of mint tea, hearing small parts of the tales in a collision of language and understanding each other completely.

They even have a place named after a hat! (or the other way around)

We can ride through the streets of Marrakech on bikes and lean them against walls of colour to rest.

And lose ourselves in the rhythm of strange and wonderful new music.

And wash the dirt off our weary legs and faces with rose water, and curl up under magic carpets, holding hands as we drift off to sleep.

I think that should be my next adventure…

I am a person who loves books.

One thought on “To Morocco?

  1. That sounds grand! Jess and I had a pretty tight budget for our honeymoon, and consequently our choices were a bit limited. I hope you end up going somewhere you’re both really excited about. And if you do end up going to Morocco in April, watch out for desert sandstorms!


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