Pictures, memories and a new adventure.

The other day a great tide of sadness engulfed me, I lay on the trampoline staring up at the sky, crying. I lay there and watched the sky change its clothes and moved to the roof to wave the sun goodbye. Beauty like this is pure, and is made even more beautiful by the stillness and silence that surronds it. I stopped crying and just watched as the colours grew and changed and then eventually disappeared.

The rolling hills and vast expanse of the plain somehow make me feel so free. Free to explore and remain unafraid.

This is an amazing place, I came here as a child and have never forgotten it. I found it again a few weeks ago, hidden in bushland, pristine and ready to be explored again.

So we did!

And all this will be seen as…

but I know that it was completely wonderful, all of it, and the next adventure will be even better.

I am a person who loves books.

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