Deceptive Summer you’ve turned me to Autumn

In light of the recent faux-summer fiasco that seems to be playing out in the Southern hemisphere, my mind has stopped hoping and lingering on the idea of the traditional summer adventures of river swimming till midnight and sleeping on the beach. Instead, the cool nights drive me indoors seeking a modest blanket and imploring the help and comfort of a hoodie and my trusty and impractically vast tea collection.

Already my longing for actuality of season is making me jumpy and although I am a spontaneous person, part of me wishes for a ‘cut from the ordinary cloth’ summer weather. But since I am but a mere mortal I must contend with the weather and my inability to change it I have found other persuits to regain my summer. This is currently why I have turned even more to DIY projects, building shelves out of old books, book sculptures, unconventional bunting (THE coolest) and now I am very much fixated on elbow patches. Yes people! ELBOW PATCHES! Hail them for they are the supreme clothing amendment, both practical and devillishly handsome to boot!

And to me, elbow patches are, though not strictly limited to being, inherently a compatriot of  Autumn. They are smart, quirky and good in conversation ( with other people, not the patches). A conversation that would go a little something like this….

“Excuse me Miss, it seems you have a completely wonderful adornment to your clothing, I wonder could I trouble you for a more complete look?” “..I’m sorry?” “Your patches little Miss, they are exquisite!” “Oh..thanks, I made them myself.” “Really? Wow, you clever little minx, fancy a coffee?” “ummm…” is a great chance to a) start a conversation b) possibly pick up and c) good way to get free coffee if you’re skint.

Really, is there anything these patches can’t do? that I think about it, probably, but nonetheless, for a scrap of fabric/leather/paper – they are very impressive!

And so my adventures and possibly an unhealthy obsession with elbow patches begins, bring on Autumn and the inundation of colour. Bring on the predictably cooler days and nights, the pumpkin soup and homemade bread.

For you own delight, here is a lovely little blog that shows you how to custom make your own lovely patches, just be prepared for numerous pickups and a lot of coffee should you proceed :

I am a person who loves books.

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