Inkspirations in an Afternoon

Today I felt inspired to do something creative, and so I called my best friend, persuaded her to bring around some parchment and we set about on an art and craft adventure! This afternoon I decided to break out my new inks! I absolutely adore the textures of coloured inks, I don’t consider myself a drawer or painter, but I can safely say that I enjoy the experience of dripping the ink onto the page for the very first time. The second the droplet hits the page it sits and eventually bleeds through and stains its trail into paper fibres. That my friends keeps me entertained for hours.

I have experimented mostly with the new colours, plum, vermillion and sunshine yellow. The inks are Winsor and Newton, gorgeous little ink wells that give you a decent amount if you just like to dip and dabble occasionally.

One thing that made this afternoon so wonderful was that it didn’t cost me a thing. In a world where cafes and shopping and being places and around people is so normal, it is a wonderful retreat to stay home, with a dear friend and create things together. These moments are so much more memorable, than another afternoon of trawling around malls look at things that hold no interest. So I encourage you, my dearest readers, go and stay at home, invite a friend around for tea, don’t buy biscuits from the shop-make them, drink water daily, don’t wear shoes, leave your make up off and “dance the way you feel”!

These drawings and more are available for purchase at the Summerfair in Canberra, on the 21st of January.

I am a person who loves books.

2 thoughts on “Inkspirations in an Afternoon

  1. Hey hun,
    love the ink 🙂
    gotta get me some… or just get stuck into my watercolours.

    also, check out
    it’s pretty gorgeous 🙂


  2. Hey tam! Yeah ink is just beautiful, tess was onto something when she talked about all my lyrical ink lines last year. And I dig that blog, thanks for the link! Also enjoying your little tumblr page too!


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