Carla Coulson

I stumbled across this artist when I was assigned to cover her book at my little bookstore job. Carla Coulson gave up her high flying corperate career to focus on  photography, and I’m so glad she did. She now splits her time between Italy, France and Australia, revealing intimate portraits of the cities she has lived in, its people and inspires me to jump into medium format photography.

Carla's first fashion shoot

I love this image, I think its the moment of tranquility. To me, it seems as though she is embracing the silence, as if it is almost nostalgic. In some ways it also exudes purity, as she is in complete rapture of sound or silence.

I adore this image, the colours are just so vibrant, I really enjoy the energy in the images’ movement and the off kilter framing.

This is probably one of her most striking images in her colour collection. The neon glow of the frame effects the bottles as they begin to glow – eerily so.

And this image just inspires me to move to Paris.


I am a person who loves books.

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